Child in Me

February 28, 2018

Today’s Morning was slightly different. I woke up and peeked out the big full-size window behind the bed that covered almost the whole wall; as if it served as a beautiful headboard for my bed. At night when I switch off the lights, I get a spectacular moon backdrop for my bed. Today morning to my surprise, everything outside was covered with pure white snow. The bright sun was shining from the top, reflecting the light from everywhere; that would have been a usual morning for Boston, but we were in the UK. Since we moved to Reading UK (a town close to London) last September, most mornings  I have seen are gloomy and sometimes rainy. But the snow was a pleasant surprise. My son Adi was sleeping beside me. I spontaneously knew what would he say. “London has turned into Boston”. 


“Oh wow, Look outside Adi,  London has turned into Boston today” I used the same words to wake him up. Unsure of what that means,  He sprang out of the comforter, looked outside and said, “Oh yes, It's all white, the snow everywhere... Mama, can we go and make a snowman?” He was still rubbing his eyes to shove off that sleep in his eyes excitedly. He was missing the time we used to spend on winter weekends making a snowman on the deck of our house in Boston.


“Oh yes, let's go down for some time and see if we can collect some snow and take some pictures.” I was going to say that but then I realized we didn't have enough time, we had to get ready to go to school.  “Why not skip the school one day and play for some time” Maybe a child in me thought and then “what the heck, Why I am thinking like a child.” the grown-up me thought.  


As we grow up, we forget the child in us. Maybe our life circumstance or the responsibilities suppress that child we used to be to live carefree and enjoy the life to the fullest. Isn’t it?  A few days ago, I worked with Ellena, brilliant and beautiful artist to take some pictures on the theme, “Child in me” and we spend 2 hours on it. but then I thought Who really behaves like this once we grow up? But today I suddenly found the answer.  It's The Moms. We definitely behave like children for our children when we are with them. Isn’t it? We feel it's the most rewarding part of our life. And probably that's the reason I too like to work with Kids. Ellena’s portraits below have a glimpse of a mischievous child or a super active sporty child or that of a curious child or even a fun loving playful child. They definitely resemble the moms with their little kids or they are the expressions we adore on the faces of our kids. In both cases, its the childhood, former is mature one that understands and admires childhood and another one still naive n innocent... Hope you like Ellena's pictures below portraying the 'Child in Me'...






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