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Mumbai Girl | Renee-the-reborn | Wonoments photography

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

I met her the very first time when I had just graduated from college, knew nothing about how the world works, and I was looking for a Job in Mumbai.  It's almost 18 years ago. I knew nothing about her, but she seemed very different from all of my friends around me including her own sister. I loved the way she carried herself, the confidence; the free-spirited girl that I had never seen before around me. All I knew was She didn't fit into the Image of India’s orthodox women. And I just loved her. A lot of things within me changed since then coz maybe the persona she had portrayed in those 2 days with her, never had seemed possible for a girl like me before that. Just an ordinary girl from an ordinary family can have so much freedom and can make a life that she decides for herself was new to me.  

I have always believed people come into our life for a reason and They do make an impact on our mind and life in some way; and sometimes you don’t even know that. This stands true when it comes to this “Renee the reborn girl.” 

She is such an inspiration!!!

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