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Updated: Jul 18, 2018

These days my little scribbler has turned into a genuine artist. All of those incomprehensible scribbles are taking distinct forms and he is all day busy drawing cars of different styles and shapes, trucks and busses and coloring them. He draws race cars that are super flat to the roads or have wing shapes in the back, then the busses that have extra wheels in the back, some have flat fronts and some have L shaped fronts. He observes something new in the vehicles outside, keeps that in mind and starts pouring it all on paper as soon as he comes home. Looking at all of his drawings his aunt gifted him a big set of color pencils.

Here is the twist though. The other day he used those pencils in a very different way. He arranged them in a circle to make 'sun' and filled the inside with cars. pretty creative for his age I thought.

"Isn't it beautiful Mama? Let me take a picture of it." He said. ("is he trying to copy me?" I am just observing him. ) And just the way I grab my camera when I see something beautiful around, he ran to grab Daddy's phone. (He knows he needs to grow up a little bit yet to lift Moms heavy camera. :D ) and so phone works. but then what he did really surprised me. He took pictures bending down on his knees, standing up from the top, turning around to get different perspectives just the way I do. and that's when I knew I had to capture this moment of his own life story in my shutter, I had just seen a glimpse of me in him and I couldn't be happier...

Pictures taken by him are below:

And here are mine along for the keepsake...

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