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I try to keep sessions relaxed and fun experience. My goal is not just to be your photographer but to be your friend too. My Style is going to be more about capturing connections between the family members coz I believe that it’s emotions and connections that make images way more beautiful.


How Long Would the Session Last?

I would be with you for 1 to 2 hours approximate just to give everyone enough time to relax and enjoy the experience. It also gives me enough time to get to know kids and make them comfortable in front of the camera. If it includes babies and toddlers, the sessions are mostly led by them.


When will I get to see my images?

We will schedule a viewing and ordering appointment approximately 2 weeks after the session. This is when you view, choose and order your images. Every decision-maker in the family needs to be present for this appointment.

I look at each an every image captured at your session and hand select and edit the best ones. I am always looking for images that represent my style as an artist and your family as each is unique. and there will be enough images for you to choose from. Once the order has been placed, you will receive your images as part of a private online gallery that you can share with your family and friends and download them for your keepsake. 


What Clothes Should I Wear?

Definitely, think texture and personality. You are unique individuals and when you’re together in a single image, you still blend as a family and clothes do play a part there.

Style: For your session, everyone should be in the same style – all formal or all casual.

Colour tones: Stick with similar or complementary colour tones and fabrics mostly in light solid colours (i.e., everyone in pastels or deep tones. Deep tones work better for Autumn shoots). I love solid colours but contrasting colours and those little few patterns on just a couple of family members add a beautiful pop to the photo.

Accessaries: I like children to have at least one small part of their outfit reflect their personalities, like a hat or a jacket or cool shoes etc. if its too confusing,  You are always welcome to bring your favourites (plus shoes, hats, scarves, accessories) and I’ll help piece outfits together.  

Textures: Choose fabrics with lots of texture (sweaters, denim, knits etc..). Layers add interest and depth to an image, so pair up short/long-sleeved shirts, wear a cool jacket, put leggings under skirts and dresses, etc. I also like a simple look, too – a flowing, light colour dress or a white t-shirt and jeans work great for the photo.

If you are wearing sarees, solid colour sarees or solid colour cotton style sarees look very elegant on elderly people.  


However, I recommend that you avoid logos, large writing/cartoon characters / big patterns / big stripes that look like swallowing the whole person. Think little spots, or little stripes, childlike, cheerful, happy. 

Click here to check my Pinterest board for more details about what to wear. 


What Happens If It Rains Or My Child is Sick?

Of course, we can reschedule. However, If one of your party becomes ill, please call as soon as possible.

I always monitor the weather prior to an outdoor photo shoot. On other occasions, it may be necessary to reschedule, for example, if it is too windy, cold or in case of heavy rain.



The session fee of £150/- is due at the time of booking to reserve the date and time in my calendar. This is a non-refundable deposit which includes a session and 5 digital images of your choice. Rest of the payment depends on the chosen number of images/package and  is due on the day of your viewing and ordering appointment.

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