Moments pass on, time never stops; what we can do, however, is create memories to cherish forever. 


Being a mom is probably the most critical, tough and fulfilling of all roles I have played so far. It comes with a sense of responsibility that surpasses all others; it also gives me joy and perhaps makes me understand the real importance of moments. It teaches me how to appreciate every second, every minute, every hour of my life. Photography is the power to capture those moments at various points in life and to make them everlasting. Being able to capture those moments indefinitely, allows us to go back in time to live those moments again. The whole premise behind Wonoments is to help share this skill I've gained, and capture those wonderful moments each one lives; so, you too can look back at them and be happy, inspired, playful, childish, energetic ... So, if you want to capture those wonderful moments, go ahead and leave me a note or give me a call.

Photographer Reading, Berkshire.      I

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